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Just one more thing.....'s Journal

3rd September, 2009. 12:53 pm. look out!(chainsawsean)

I just found out about this really scary virus. I know a lot of people on here probably smoke, so I thought I would share this with you guys.

Sanford is my number one fear right now!

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1st June, 2007. 6:14 pm. Request(hon_vince)

I've been watching all of the columbo episodes on TV but one is neveron, and isn't available to buy either : (!!!
I really want to see it :(!!!
Does anyone have a copy of 

Columbo likes the nightlife / Murder by Suicide

It was first aired 30 January 2003 (USA), but I have never seen it

Thank you in advance

Current mood: determined.

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20th May, 2007. 11:03 pm. Columbo in the 21st Century(timbershiver)

A Columbo fan-fiction imagining him set in this time.


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1st April, 2007. 1:32 pm. first series finished!(mantriddrone)

ok I've just finished watching the first series along with the 2 pilot episodes.

all were splendid and a couple rang a bell and i remembered seeing them some time in the dim and distant past.

i quite enjoyed "Ransom for a dead man", most amusing.

it's interesting to note the lack of CSI people on the scenes of crimes along with fairly blatant lack of respect for the crime scene with suspects/strangers frequently wandering around soon after a murder was comitted.

ive been using a site as an online guide whilst watching. here it is in case anyone is interested.


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27th March, 2007. 11:43 pm. hi!(mantriddrone)

hi all

just joined this community and thought i'd say hello.

have always loved columbo for as long as i can remember.

now with the release of the dvds im getting a chance to rewatch the show at my leisure and from the start.

saw the pilot "Prescription Murder" tonight. quite a young looking Peter Falk in this as it was made in 1968!


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8th June, 2006. 10:34 pm.(helenmelon)

have any of you seen the german film wings of desire? i mention it because it features peter falk, playing peter falk. and, of course, his role as columbo is mentioned more than once. i loved the movie, but it's kind of what people stereotypically expect out of artsy foreign films, so if you're not into that kind of thing... maybe you won't love it. but peter falk is soooo cool:)

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3rd June, 2006. 2:48 pm.(timbershiver)

It's a shame but I think I'm the only person on this comm which is a shame. 

Anyway, my friend Toby drew me two Columbo comics, one of Columbo as a child, one of him as a real old man trying to deal with today's society. 

And the other one; 

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26th March, 2006. 1:51 pm. ONE REASON I THANK COLUMBO(timbershiver)

I'm a hugely uncool person, so much so that I think sometimes I go 360 and end up accidentally cool.

Anyway, Columbo is responisible for me getting into Johnny Cash.

A few years ago I watched the episode Swan Song and fell in love with Johnny Cash (and the song "I saw the light" stayed in my head for days) and started getting some of his stuff. My friends all thought it was weird, until he died and then everyone was all "Oh I've always loved Cash"

So I don't pretend that I've always liked Johnny Cash and I accept that if it wasn't for Columbo I might never have appreciated him until he died, so for that reason..


Current mood: This pointless post is brought.

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20th May, 2005. 3:21 am.(frostedsparkles)

I love Columbo! My boyfriend got me into it. He and his family used to watch all the time. I haven't seen nearly as many as I would like but as soon as I have a stable job I'm going to buy the DVD's. I guess that's all.

Current mood: chipper.

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10th April, 2005. 9:24 pm. Now, More Columbo!(bunny_hugger)

Starting tomorrow, WGN is going to be showing Columbo every weeknight! Thought you all might like to know if you don't already.

Current mood: happy.

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